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Hello again, everyone! I have had an absence in the community of about 5 1/2 years! After having smoked for 31 years, I can now say I have been a non-smoker for 6 years and 2 months. It has been great! (and I know I'm in good company with all you other quitters), lol.
I am a school bus driver. I enjoy the job, as well as having summer's off! I like spending time with my family: camping, fishing, swimming and a little traveling.
I love helping people :)
Favorite Music:
A little bit of this and a little bit of that!......Country, rock, pop, blues, contemporary and Indian flute.
Favorite Movies:
My all-time fav. is... (drum roll) Oh Brother Where Art Thou. Coming in a close second is (the chick flick tear jerker) Titanic. Also a goodie, but oldie: Eight Seconds.- I saw this one in a movie theatre and when the 8 seconds ended, there was total silence. It was awsome. And call me sick, but I loved Silence of the Lamb, too. Anyway.
Favorite Quotes:
BJC says: "Quit it and forget it! "

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